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Mr. Willie

Mr. Willie is a male 3 year old, red merle male aussie. He is a little shy at first but he has a big personality once he gets to know you. He weighs around 55 pounds and has a full tail! Mr. Willie loves to curl up with his person. He is very goofy and sweet natured.

Mr. Willie has not been introduced to cats yet. He gets along with dogs of similar size but is uncomfortable with smaller dogs. Mr. Willie is very Velcro and likes to be with you. He is crate and house trained. Mr. Willie would prefer a home without children. 

Mr. Willie tries to play with toys but he doesn't seem to understand how. He walks well on leash but does prefer to be touching you. Mr. Willie likes to place chase with his foster human and they have their own unique way to play games together. 
Mr. Willie is vision impaired and hearing impaired. He does appear to have a little of both but it is limited. This doesn't stop Mr. Willie from being a loving boy with his human and a playful pup with other dogs in his foster home, even if he sometimes play bows in the wrong direction. A fence is required to adopt Mr. Willie.

Mr. Willie is fostered in Wichita, KS.

Apply here for him.  NS3440

Watch a video of Mr. Willie here.

Aruka is a 1 year old white/blue merle Aussie. Aruka weighs about 45 pounds. He is a lover and never meets a stranger. He runs up to any new human asking for scratches. Aruka is sometimes nervous in new places, but is very resilient and overcomes this quickly.

Aruka has been cat tested and is inquisitive but doesn't push limits. Dog savvy cats preferred; Aruka reacts appropriately to correction from cats. Aruka enjoys being with and playing with other dogs. Aruka has a medium energy level; he enjoys playtime with his canine friends and humans but can settle down as well. Aruka loves a good full speed run in the yard! He is very Velcro and will insist on being with you whenever you are home. He prefers to be with another living thing be it human or canine. Aruka never meets a stranger and will likely do well with children. He isn't big on playing with toys but does enjoy interacting with people. Aruka does well on leash but can be unsure in new places.
Aruka is deaf and likely has some vision impairment in bright sunlight, but not enough that you would recognize it as impairment. Aruka needs a home with a fenced yard (in his past home he was able to escape a 4 foot fence). However, he was housed outside without human company in those cases. He has shown no interest in escaping at this foster home, instead he asks to come inside. Because Aruka is deaf, a fence is required. 

Aruka is fostered in Wichita, KS.

Apply here for her.  NS3468

Zaiden is a red merle male who is about 4 years old. He has a full tail and weighs about 46 pounds. Zaiden is a very sweet dog who loves his people. He can be shy at first and takes a few minutes to warm up to new people. Zaiden is playful and goofy with his people.

Zaiden is not cat safe but gets along well with most dogs. He is a highly velcro dog, preferring to go wherever you go. He crates well and is fine being left alone while his people are away but will want to follow them around when they are home. Zaiden is crate trained and is progressing with his house training. He is a medium energy dog but still loves to play fetch and chase toys in the yard. Zaiden does ok on leash but he does get nervous in new places at times.
Zaiden was found on a tether in his yard when his humans moved away. He seems to have been an outdoor dog in his previous life. Zaiden has taken some time on his house training skills. He has a high prey drive and should not be around small animals. Zaiden prefers to be fed in his own space, because he was an outdoor dog without reliable food and water he gets worried about other dogs taking these things away from him. Overall Zaiden is a sweet dog looking for a home that can help him continue to grow as a loved pet.
Zaiden is fostered in Wichita, KS.

Apply here for him.  NS3485
Check back for updates.
Lucy Cook

Lucy Cook is a petite 30 lbs. Australian Shepherd with partial blue eyes. She is a blue merle female and is very friendly with other dogs and people. She loves to run and play with her friends, is very quick and athletic and very smart, is an excellent agility prospect or just a good friend.  Lucy Cook definitely needs a home without cats.

Lucy is crate trained, up to date on all shots, microchipped. Physical fence required. She is fostered in Maineville Ohio. 

Apply here for her.  NS3521
Miss Lilly

Miss Lilly is a super sweet and gentle, 8 years young, 51 lb., Aussie mix with a lot of love to give. She has 2 golden-brown eyes that match her beautiful coat. She is low velcro and low-medium energy.

Miss Lilly is both house and crate trained. She knows basic commands like sit, down and paw but is still working on perfecting other commands, like come and stay, with her foster family. She can be trusted roaming the house while you're away, if there is no food on the counters as she has a tendency to counter surf. She loves going outside and laying in the sun, but also loves playing in the snow in the winter. She loves to go for car rides and walks. She walks well on a leash with some mild pulling. She likes to cuddle and tries to get all the pets she can. She enjoys playing tug of war with her fur foster siblings and has shown an occasional interest in playing with toys on her own. Her favorite is her root chew.

Miss Lilly loves all people and does well with children. She was previously in a home with infants up until they were 3.5 years old, so she would do well in a home with children of all ages. She has no experience with cats and gets along with some dogs, but she is used to being the dominant dog, so she would need time to decompress if in a home with other dogs. Miss Lilly also needs a home with a large fenced yard to play in and a family that will take her for long daily walks.

Miss Lilly is fostered in Pleasant Prairie, WI 

Apply here for her.  NS3575
Tiny Baxter is only 13 lbs, and was rescued with his brother. They are very shy and we’re working with them. He is located near Dayton Ohio  NS3524


Sir Scooter is a loyal and loving, 16-month-old, 64 lb., pure bred, black tri Aussie. He has two dark brown eyes that match his painted cheeks. He is medium velcro and medium-high energy.

Sir Scooter is both house and crate trained. He knows sit, paw, down, roll over and has excellent recall. He is still working on short lead training but enjoys being off lead and exploring. He enjoys relaxing outside the kennel during the day but be sure to hide your socks before you leave. Scooter loves to explore the outdoors and go swimming. Although Scooter loves the summer and laying out on the deck, he's a snow dog through and through. He loves to make new friends at the dog park, play a long game of tuggie, and snuggle up at night.

Scooter does well with strangers, dogs, and children but would be best in a home with bigger kids. Scooter has a tendency to come up and lay in your lap and request a good snuggle and pet. He often forgets he's nearly 70 lbs and not exactly a lap dog! Scooter is very vocal and will often express his dramatic need for your constant love and attention. He would do best in a very active home, where he would be the perfect loyal and loving companion dog. He has little experience with cats, but does great in social settings, and is great with other dogs.

Sir Scooter is fostered in Wauconda, IL.

Apply here for him.  NS3608