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Mr. O

Mr. O is a 1.5 yr old blue Merle male who is house broken, good on lead and crate trained. He is very friendly with all the people he meets, and most dogs. His activity level is moderately high, but he is calming down.

Mr. O is fostered in Maineville, Ohio.

Apply here for him.  NS2974
Vito Man

Vito is a 3 year old (4 in November) Red Merle Aussie who is a neutered male. He is 60# of pure love and Velcro! He is current on his HW prevention, vaccines, worming and flea treatment. He LOVES to go on walks but does pull a bit for the first few minutes. He is house broken and crate trained but does not need to be crated either at night or while alone in the house. He has always been a perfect gentleman when he has had to be alone here in his foster home. 

 Vito loves to carry his ball around but is just learning the whole aspect of retrieving it when thrown. He is getting it though! I think Vito would prefer to be the only dog or maybe just one other brother/sister in the household. The multiple dogs at his foster home makes him a bit nervous. Cats or small animals are not recommended to be with Vito. He is medium energy, loves treats and is super intelligent! He knows sit, down, shake, other paw shake and spins. 

This is a wonderful dog who has typical Aussie characteristics. He simply wants love and to follow you around as you go about your day!!  

He is fostered south east of Columbus, OH

Apply here for him.  NS3166

Yukon is a 10 month old male blue merle. He is just over 40 pounds. Yukon can be a little shy but loves people and bonds very quickly. He loves toys and chews. He loves laying in the kiddie pool and is very active.

Yukon has been good with cats and great with other dogs. He can be a bit bossy, normal for a teenager. He loves running in the yard and appreciates having doggie friends. He is medium to high energy and very Velcro. He is crate trained and has not had accidents in his foster home. He walks ok on leash but can slip his collar easily if he gets nervous. His foster home uses a martingale collar to prevent escaping. He has done well with children and adults. He doesn't always want people around his toys and chews, so we recommend children over 10 years old but will consider younger children on a case by case basis.

Yukon is very athletic and could easily escape a 4 foot fence. He doesn't show much interest in doing this but we know he is very capable. We recommend he be supervised outside, 6 foot fence preferred. 

Yukon is fostered in Wichita, KS.

Apply here for him.  NS3359

Porter Boy is a 10 mos. old neutered male with a great personality. He is crate trained and house broken, but does need some leash work.  He is very smart. He is being evaluated at the foster home and will be ready for adoption soon.  NS3167

Ms. Tula

Miss Tula is a 3 year old Red Merle female. She was found stray by local animal control. Tula is currently 39 pounds but could stand to gain weight. She is a very sweet girl and loves to be near her people. She can be vocal in her kennel but this is improving. 

Tula is a very Velcro dog, wanting to be near you or touching you. She plays with other dogs but prefers playmates that are not overbearing. She has a medium energy level. She is crate trained with no accidents in the crate. She has been good with all adults that she has met, children unknown but we suspect she would be fine with children. She has not been exposed to cats but we plan to test her with cats as time allows. Tula doesn't play with toys and prefers to be loved on. She would be a good hiking buddy or companion. 

We recommend a fence for Tula and supervision when outdoors. She came in as a stray and appears to have been on her own for some time. We are not sure if she escaped in her previous home or was abandoned. She has not showed any desire to escape the yard in her foster home. 
Ms. Tula is fostered in Wichita, KS.

Apply here for her.  NS3373

Jettie is a 4 year old blue merle female. She weighs 46 pounds but could lose some weight. She should probably be closer to 40 pounds. Jettie is sweet with new people. She approaches strangers easily and isn't over the top as far as her energy.

She is not around cats in her foster home but can be tested with them as needed. She gets along well with most dogs but does have a bit of a fun police personality. She is low energy with a medium tendency to be a Velcro dog. She is crate trained and has not had accidents in the house. She doesn't play fetch, she would rather sit with her person than play.
Jettie has a very high pitched bark and can be pushy when housed with other dogs that are too pushy or overly submissive. She does attempt to get out of the fence occasionally. Her new home will need to provide supervision outside. She rarely tries and usually tries to squeeze through on the chain link gate.
Jettie is fostered in Wichita, KS.

Apply here for her.  NS3381