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Mr. Willie

Mr. Willie is a male 3 year old, red merle male aussie. He is a little shy at first but he has a big personality once he gets to know you. He weighs around 55 pounds and has a full tail! Mr. Willie loves to curl up with his person. He is very goofy and sweet natured.

Mr. Willie has not been introduced to cats yet. He gets along with dogs of similar size but is uncomfortable with smaller dogs. Mr. Willie is very Velcro and likes to be with you. He is crate and house trained. Mr. Willie would prefer a home without children. 

Mr. Willie tries to play with toys but he doesn't seem to understand how. He walks well on leash but does prefer to be touching you. Mr. Willie likes to place chase with his foster human and they have their own unique way to play games together. 
Mr. Willie is vision impaired and hearing impaired. He does appear to have a little of both but it is limited. This doesn't stop Mr. Willie from being a loving boy with his human and a playful pup with other dogs in his foster home, even if he sometimes play bows in the wrong direction. A fence is required to adopt Mr. Willie.

Mr. Willie is fostered in Wichita, KS.

Apply here for him.  NS3440

Watch a video of Mr. Willie here.
Check back for updates.
Tiny Baxter is only 13 lbs, and was rescued with his brother. They are very shy and we’re working with them. He is located near Dayton Ohio  NS3524


Bertie is a red merle male puppy born 4/1/21. Smaller frame – currently 24#. New to indoor living, leash, and crating but progressing quickly. Fair progress with housebreaking. Excellent in the crate. Apprehensive with strangers but a sweetie once he settles in. Offers licks and Aussie grins (lip curls but no aggression, very submissive). Wiggles all over when sweet talked. 

Bertie has bonded quickly to foster mom – lots of couch cuddles. Initially hard to catch but coming well to “come on puppy”. Shows potential to be a fairly high-velcro dog. Food-motivated and very eager to please. A firm “no” gets an immediate cease and desist for any naughty puppy behaviors. Plays well with his puppy buddy – no resource guarding. 

Bertie has had a couple of glimpses of our barn cats and is fascinated and would chase but is not at all intense about it, just curious. Barks a lot at our cows and rushes the fence when they are nearby. Has not been exposed to kids yet.  

He will be an excellent companion with proper behavioral training as he grows into being the best young man he can be!

Bertie is fostered in Montague, MI 

Apply here for him.  NS3633