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Mr. Willie

Mr. Willie is a 5-year-old neutered male. He appears to be an Australian Shepherd or an Australian Shepherd Mix. Mr. Willie weighs 65 pounds and has an ideal body condition. He is a very goofy boy, with a super sweet personality. It does take him a bit to trust and interact with new humans that he does not know. He is both deaf and blind. In his first home he often had visitors force interactions which has caused long term effects regarding how he initially interacts with new humans. He will need an adopter committed to getting to know him and making a few visits to allow him time to warm up.

Mr. Willie has been introduced to cats and initially was ok with them. The cats eventually scared him, they are highly dog social and would approach him to rub against him. He growled and walked away, putting himself in a corner. He would be best in a home without cats or small animals that might startle him. He is now interacting with most dogs in a social manner and soliciting play. He will match well with playmates that are very dog tolerant and won't be offended if he bumps into them or trips over them while they are sleeping. He would also prefer playmates that are not over the top rough and tumble players. This play style is hard for him because he cannot hear or see the other dog coming at him, he is unable to brace or move out of the way of an incoming dog which can be scary for him. A dog intro or two will be required to make sure new housemates are compatible.
He is shy with both women and men and will need someone willing to help him acclimate to a big change at his own pace. We are recommending a home without children at this time. He will occasionally try to play with toys but due to his impairments this is a challenge, however he loves a good game of hide and seek/chase and follow with his foster human. He walks well on leash but does need to be guided as to when to step up on curbs and when to go into doorways. Mr. Willie is both house and crate trained and recently completed an obedience class. He does well loose in the house, separated from other dogs. He loves napping in the sun by the patio door. He adores his crate and seems to get the best sleep with periods of crate time. He is medium velcro and will sniff you out to hang out with you. We would describe him as low to medium energy. Mr. Willie recently had an eye removed because it was causing him some discomfort.

A fence is required to adopt Mr. Willie due to his impairments. He has shown no attempts to challenge the fence and loves to nap in the sunshine. He does have hereditary cataracts and has been determined by a veterinary ophthalmologist to have no functional vision. His remaining eye will need to be monitored for changes should it also become uncomfortable and need to be removed. Mr. Willie is also hearing impaired, although he does appear to acknowledge very loud noises with a head tilt. We consider him deaf because any hearing he has isn't functional and appears to be very minimal. He does take a bit of time and help to warm up to changes (strangers, new routines, new homes) but overall is a very resilient, sweet dog who just didn't get the best start in life.  

Mr. Willie is fostered in Wichita, KS.

Apply here for him.  NS3440

Watch a video of Mr. Willie here.
Check back for updates.
Tiny Baxter is only 13 lbs, and was rescued with his brother. They are very shy and we’re working with them. He is located near Dayton Ohio  NS3524


Bertie is a red merle male puppy born 4/1/21. Smaller frame – currently 24#. New to indoor living, leash, and crating but progressing quickly. Fair progress with housebreaking. Excellent in the crate. Apprehensive with strangers but a sweetie once he settles in. Offers licks and Aussie grins (lip curls but no aggression, very submissive). Wiggles all over when sweet talked. 

Bertie has bonded quickly to foster mom – lots of couch cuddles. Initially hard to catch but coming well to “come on puppy”. Shows potential to be a fairly high-velcro dog. Food-motivated and very eager to please. A firm “no” gets an immediate cease and desist for any naughty puppy behaviors. Plays well with his puppy buddy – no resource guarding. 

Bertie has had a couple of glimpses of our barn cats and is fascinated and would chase but is not at all intense about it, just curious. Barks a lot at our cows and rushes the fence when they are nearby. Has not been exposed to kids yet.  

He will be an excellent companion with proper behavioral training as he grows into being the best young man he can be!

Bertie is fostered in Montague, MI 

Apply here for him.  NS3633
Mini Mary is 2-3 yrs. old and is from a hoarding situation.  We are not taking applications at this time.  NS3525
Mini Mike is 1-2 yrs. old and is from a hoarding situation.  He has completed heartworm treatment.  We are not taking applications at this time.  NS3525

Dax(Man) is a 3-year-old neutered male, red merle Australian Shepherd. He was found stray and is still warming up in foster care. Dax(Man) is a very sweet natured Aussie and loves getting pets. He isn't shy but is generally a soft dog who just wants to be with his human. Dax(Man) weighs about 63 pounds, he came to us weighing 68. He is a bit stocky but certainly could stand to lose a few pounds and should be maintained on a feeding schedule to prevent overeating.

Dax(Man) has not had any cat experience at this point in foster care, we can arrange a cat test for a fully approved adopter. Dax(Man) appears to be neutral with other dogs, mostly ignoring them in the home and avoiding shared spaces. He does not initiate play with other dogs at this time. We will require a dog intro to make sure any new housemates are a good fit for him. He is described as medium velcro, he likes to be with his human but doesn't need to follow his human everywhere all of the time. Dax(Man) is house trained, and crate trained although sometimes he prefers not to go in his kennel. He has not been left out unsupervised in the home, but we think he would be fine.
 If he is sharing a home with another dog he would probably do best with his own space (kennel or his own gated area) when his humans are away. He appears to be nervous during care rides with some drooling but doesn't get car sick. He is overall friendly with people, but we are recommending homes with older children or no children due to his nervous nature. This may change as he gets more comfortable in foster care. Dax(Man) is great at fetch games with a frisbee or ball and will readily drop both at your feet for you to throw. He is an all-around gentle soul who would really like a laid-back human companion.

A fence will be required to adopt Dax(Man). He appears to have some basic training skills and walks ok on a leash. He has not been much of a barker in foster care but can be talkative with whines and whimpers for attention. Due to his timidity with other dogs Dax(Man) would be unlikely to enjoy dog parks, these would probably overwhelm him. He is noise sensitive; this includes storms, fireworks, and gunshots. Care should be taken to keep him safe and indoors whenever these events are occurring.

Dax(Man) is fostered in Wichita, KS.

Apply here for him.  NS3665

Wyat is a 5-year-old red merle neutered male. He currently weighs 60 pounds and came to us weighing about 63. Wyat was found stray. He is a bit stocky but certainly could stand to lose a few pounds and should be maintained on a feeding schedule to prevent overeating. Wyat is an affectionate dog giving hugs to his people and some of the strangers he meets. He can be vocal and pushy when it comes to getting pets from humans, which are by far one of his favorite things.

Wyat has not had any cat experience at this point in foster care, we can arrange a cat test for a fully approved adopter. Wyat does well with most other dogs but can be little bossy/fun police. He does best with other sociable dogs and wouldn't be a good candidate for a dog park. He is high velcro and prefers to be your shadow. He loves food puzzles and playing fetch. He will also entertain himself with appropriate chew toys when out and about in the house. He prefers to be next to you on the furniture and will get off when asked to do so. Wyat is house trained, and crate trained and will kennel readily when asked to do so. He has been left out in the home unattended but separate from other dogs with no issues. We do not know if Wyat has any experience with children so this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Due to his pushy nature older children would be preferred. Wyat can be shy of men but is friendly with women. He will bring you toys and insist you play with him. He also enjoys a good game of tug. Wyat pulls on leash; he will redirect when asked but could use some leash training. He will bark at neighbor dogs on the other side of a fence but calls off right away and doesn't usually instigate the interaction.

Wyat can be demanding about pets, insisting with nudges and paw swats. He does occasionally guard space around his human with a growl and stare when other dogs are around, this is happening less frequently and seems to happen more when intact males are around. He never escalates and is learning that this behavior doesn't work for him in foster care. He seems to be uncomfortable around the intact male in the foster home, so we are recommending that he not be placed with an intact male and that consideration is given to not bringing any intact males into the home after he is adopted.
Wyat interacts more positively with unknown human men when he is not being directly handled by his foster human. He does appear to be exhibiting some resource guarding of his favorite human and the surrounding space. His current foster is making progress with this behavior and can provide additional instructions on how to transition him to a new space. Wyat is an affectionate silly boy who tends to be on the bossy aussie side. However, he has a great warning system and doesn't escalate interactions inappropriately. He cohabitates easily with others.

Wyat is fostered in Wichita, KS

Apply here for him.  NS3664