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Penuche is an adorable low rider, she is an aussie/corgi/?? mix. We pulled her mother a few months ago, Wiglet, who was a corgi/aussie mix (dad was aussie/mom was corgi).  Penuche is around 1 1/2 yrs old.  She is very terrified of people as she was pretty much ingnored and left to her own devices.  She does well with other dogs and is trying to play with the foster's dogs!   Her foster parents are working with her and she seems to be doing better with the husband (her former owner was a woman).  We will update when we have more.  She is fostered in Thonotasassa, FL  NS2745

Kozmo is 5 yrs old, he's an Aussie/Border Collie cross. Kozmo is a bigger boy, weighing in at 70 lbs.  

He is fostered in a home with 2 other dogs; he's having a blast with one but the other is deaf/blind and pushy, something Kozmo isn't appreciating.  

According to his previous owner he's good with men/women/children and cats (foster doesn't have cats). He is still new to us so more info as we get to know him.  

Kozmo is fostered in Tampa, FL

Apply here for him.  NS2938
BearBear came in as a stray from a local shelter; he's pretty timid but we can tell he'll come around. He's already trusting his foster parents and is acclimating into the pack (2 other dogs). Shelter says he's about 4 but we feel he may be a bit older. BearBear was so matted the shelter couldn't even tell if he was neutered or not. Thankfully they had him shaved down and bathed for us and found that he is neutered!! He has been vetted all except a heartworm test. Right now BearBear is just taking it easy.  He's not thrilled with a leash so his foster home is just letting him drag it around and be chill. They will start working with him once he's decompressed. We think he's going to be a sweet heart of a Bear! BearBear is fostered in Ormond Beach, FL  NSXXXX
Blue Chaser Blue Chaser is a friendly, happy purebred Aussie “of a certain age” who was surrendered to our rescue by his owner who could no longer care for him. He is a beautiful blue merle with copper trim, weighs 45 pounds and is 10-12 years old. Blue Chaser has slightly diminished hearing and vision, but hey, he is not a youngster!! He gets around fine and can hear when you call. Blue Chaser is housebroken, crate-trained, walks very well on a leash and loves to ride in the car. He is just starting to learn his basic commands.  Blue Chaser spent most of his life alternating between a small, dirt-floor kennel and a very small crate, and so he is just learning about the world. He loves people and gets along great with other dogs. He has not been cat tested. Blue Chaser is a lower energy guy who does not play games or run after balls, but he loves to take walks, loves to roll in the grass, and loves to just stroll around and sniff in the yard. And of course, Blue Chaser loves to be wherever the humans are, especially if they have a dog cookie or two!!  Blue Chaser still has some medical problems that require treatment. We are placing him on medical hold while we work to make him as healthy as possible.  NS3207
Gramaussie is the sweetest little old lady ever, and at age 15 finds herself without a home. This little 35 pound Aussie girl is hard of hearing, can't see quite as well as she used to and walks a bit stiffly thanks to some arthritis, but she can still find those dog biscuits, loves everyone and enjoys a daily nap in the sunshine. We have started treatment for her “aches and pains”, we are monitoring her progress and will post updates here!  Gramaussie is fostered near Ocala, Florida.  NS3283
H.S. Truman

Meet H.S. Truman (Truman), a very cute 5 yr old blue merle male mini. Truman is all of 20 lbs! This boy is pretty versatile, he's been lure coursing, dock diving, ok he had to jump from the dock to a float and then into the water to retrieve, but with a little practice who knows! He's also gone to an UP DOG disc dog competition and scored 9 points in 4-Way (game). He did well with meeting people at the event, even did pretty good with men, yes, he's one of those Aussies that prefers women, a real ladies man! He also likes to swim, go for walks and his weekly day at doggie day care. Truman is a nice size to travel with and does well too!
Truman would love a home with women (he loves women) or a man that will help him trust men (treats go a long way with this guy), no children please and we don't know how he is with cats. He would also do well with another dog, someone he could run and play with. Truman is house and crate trained.  

HS Truman is fostered in Stuart, FL

Apply here for him.  NS3278
Addie - ADOPTION PENDING is an adorable 4 yr old blue merle female approx 45 lbs. Addie is pretty new to us so we are getting to know her. She is doing well in her foster home so far. More when we learn more about her. Addie is fostered in Ormond Beach, FL  NSXXXX

This handsome 10yr old boy is as sweet as can be. Billy does well on walks, rides well in the car, likes to fetch and has been great with the other dogs in his foster home. He was tested with cats at the shelter and ignored them, one swatted at him and he was scared so stayed away! 

He's a little wobbly on his feet when he first gets up but once he's up he's fine. Billy will chase a ball and pick it up but doesn't always bring it back. So far he's proving to be a lovely boy!! 

Billy is fostered in Thonotasassa, FL.  

Apply here for him.  NS3344

Peedee is a super sweet, handsome Aussie mix who is ready for his new home! He is 3 years old, weighs 50 pounds, and has a soft black tri coat with a full tail. Peedee is housebroken, crate trained (but not an enthusiast!), walks nicely on leash and rides well in the car. He is just starting to learn his basic obedience commands.

Peedee loves people of all ages, including children, although when he gets excited he can be too much for very small children. He is a medium Velcro guy who loves to be with you, but is also just as happy lounging on the deck in the sun. Peedee loves to play with his toys and with other dogs, and really enjoys a good game of chase. He is a medium energy boy who can play hard with his foster family and his dog pals, but then settles nicely for an afternoon nap in the sun or an evening cuddle on the couch. Peedee has not been cat tested.

Peedee would love to be adopted by an active family who has room in their lives for a fun-loving, playful young dog. A fenced yard is important, some playful dog pals would be ideal, and children over the age of 10 would be fine. If Peedee sounds like a great match for you apply today! 

 Peedee is fostered near Greensboro, NC. 

Apply here for him.  NS3343

Meet Duffy, a big love bug who spent all of his 6 years living out doors. His coat was so matted he had to be shaved but new hair is growing in nicely and has a little wave to it. Duffy has initiated his own fitness program, running up and down stairs several times a day. He has dropped 4 pounds and now weighs 70 pounds but is working on losing a few more. He is house and crate trained and loves to ride in the car.  

In the house, Duffy is looking for love and will cuddle on the sofa if allowed. While enthusiastic about life, he will settle. High on the velcro scale, he will follow you everywhere and can be off leash in a safe area once bonded to you. He gets along with the smaller resident dogs and learned that cats are to be ignored. He has also started to chase a tennis ball and return it. He walks better with a harness than with a leash on his collar.
This sweet and loving boy is looking for an active family with long walks and maybe a jogger. Due to his size and enthusiasm, older children would be preferred. He will want to be an active participant in all family events. A fenced yard is nice but not required. He is ready for adoption and residing in Johnston SC

Apply here for him.  NS3354

What a lovely puppy! Priya is 14 wks old and about 12 lbs. She is a cuddly and affectionate and wiggly and crazy, just a typical puppy. As a typical puppy she does need constant attention and redirection or you will have chewed up items, she's all teeth right now. Her house training is coming along but she does have accidents from time to time. Priya is doing well with her crate training also, she's crated at night and during the day when she can't be watched or needs down time she is in an x-pen chilling and snoozing.
The grand children are visiting (5-14 yrs old) and she's doing really well with them, loves attention and cuddling. She plays well with the other dogs and tries to get the older girl to play but isn't a pest about it (I'm sure because she has other willing playmates). Did I mention how sweet she is??

You MUST have the time and energy for a puppy and willing to take her to puppy classes and socialize her!! 

  Priya is fostered in Thonotasassa, FL

Apply here for her.  NS3358
Pretty little Maybel is approx 15 months old and around 24 lbs. She is reported to be HIGH energy and excellent with everyone/everything! Owner states she walks well on a leash, rides quietly in a car, is not completely house or crate trained but coming along. She tears up stuffed toys and jumps on you. This girl will need a committed home who will get her in some obedience classes and maybe some agility classes to work off some of that extra energy. She needs a fenced yard and another playful dog!! Maybel is excellent with other dogs and loves to play, she's good with cats (owner has 6)!! Please no apartments or very young children (due to her exuberance).  
Once we get to know her, we'll have a better idea of what type of home would be best for her (besides what I've posted). Maybel will be fostered in Fort Pierce, FL  NSXXXX