Pilots N Paws is a group that brings together rescues and pilots.  By connecting pilots with rescues that are trying to move dogs from shelters to foster homes and potential adopters more dogs are saved.  For more information about Pilots N Paws check out their website

New Spirit has benefited greatly from this relationship.  Below are pictures and video of just some of the flights that has helped us save more Aussies.
New Spirit thanks all of the wonderful pilots who donate their time and expense to help us get these Aussies to safety and a new home.
Pilot Bob loading up Dudley for his flight
Dudley all ready to go
Pilot Bob with Dudley
Another picture of Pilot Bob with Dudley
Gracie with pilot Bob
Gracie with Laura S and pilot Bob
Gracie preparing for her flight
Gracie sleeping during her flight
Gracie waking up
Gracie with pilot Bob
Pilot Abelardo with Marti, JJ and Kelley
pilot with JJ
taxiing away
Nolan, Jay, Terry B, her daughters and friend, pilot Dave and Tigger
Pictures from previous flights:

Because of the overflow of Aussies in GA and NC, New Spirit needs more  help moving dogs to available foster homes in the Mid Atlantic states.  If you are a pilot we urge you visit Pilots N Paws website and volunteer.  Even if you aren't a pilot and would like to know how you can help please email [email protected] or fill out a  volunteer application.  
Check out this inspirational and touching video created by one of our volunteers about a transport of three of our Aussies.  All three dogs now have a new family to love them!
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Saving Strays, One Dog at a Time - Pilot N Paws Dog Rescue Flight

Check out McFlurry's special journey with Pilots 'n Paws here!
February 3rd I found out that Mac had been picked up by animal control a week prior and was supposed to be put down that evening. With help from an Aussie group in North Carolina we were able to save him until this past weekend and relocate him to a foster home in Kennesaw,GA. Brian and I met a Pilot, Hugh, in Anderson SC to fly Mac on the last leg to freedom. We took the Archer up to 6,000 feet for a smooth and comfortable ride home for the little fella.
On the ground, we met his new Foster, Melaine. We truly saved the life of this little guy and Brian and I can't take full credit for that... huge thanks to Pilot N Paws for making this trip possible, Hugh for flying the last minute leg out to North Carolina to pick the pup up, Ann for coordinating everything, Shane Crider for letting us use his aircraft, and Melaine for taking this guy in! Can't wait to do more of these flights in the future.

Mac is now known as McFlurry.  Thank you to all involved!