Before filling out  the application, here are a few thing to know:

  • ​Adoption Prices:  
           -$400 for regular adoptions

           -$50 spay neuter deposit added if the dog is placed intact (usually                          dogs under 18 months)

           -$200 for dogs 10 and over

  • References will be checked. For personal references, please get permission to use their personal info before you place it on our application. Advise them that they will be getting a phone call from New Spirit Rescue. Our volunteer will identify themselves prior to asking any questions.   References must be someone living OUTSIDE of your household and cannot be a spouse, significant other, sibling, or parent.

  • We will not adopt to anyone who can't supply a recent vet reference except under very unusual circumstances.  If you can't give a vet reference, please explain why on your application.

  • One of our volunteers will visit your home prior to approving your application.  This is just a "get to know you" visit so we can better match you and a prospective dog.   All family members who would be part of the dog's new life must be present.    We can get a sense of how active your household is and how dog savvy any children in the home are.   We can see what sort of fence you have, or if there's no fence, the proximity to streets.  If you already have pets, we meet them and get an idea of their personalities.  All these factors are important in making a match.  

  • Our adoption fee must be paid in full at the time of adoption and is NOT tax deductible. Any donation in excess of the fee is tax deductible. 

  • Every dog adopted through New Spirit must be spayed or neutered. On rare occasion, for medical reasons or due to age, a dog may not be spayed or neutered. If the dog is not spayed or neutered prior to adoption, it is the adopter's responsibility to do so as stated in the adoption agreement. Verification of spay/neuter is required when complete. Failure to provide verification is a violation of the adoption agreement.

If you're ready to proceed, click on the link below. Follow the instructions on the bottom of the application page when complete and the application will be sent to one of our representatives via email. 

Thank you for considering adoption through rescue!

Before you apply, read "Don't Buy an Aussie!"
Adoption Process

What you do (the fine print):

1. Submit an application and provide references, including your vet.  The best indicator of how your next dog will be treated is how your last dog was treated, so that's why we ask for this.

2. Allow a New Spirit volunteer to visit to your home.  This way we get a good sense what type of dog will fit you and any current pets best (again, think "doggie dating service!").

3. Once your application is approved, begin the search for your new friend. You may see an interesting possibility on our site or we may suggest a dog not yet posted that is in foster.  Either way, you'll be put in contact with the foster home where the dog is located to learn more from the person who knows the dog best.

4.  Meet the dog and decide if it feels right.  There's no obligation to take the dog home the same day: in fact, we encourage you to talk it over and come back.  If the driving distance is too great, go have lunch and think it over.  Your New Spirit contact and the foster home will be invaluable in helping you make this important decision.

5. Adopt!  When you feel you've met the right dog, you sign an adoption contract which says you'll provide appropriate care, and that if you can't keep the dog at some time in the future, you'll contact New Spirit and let us the dog.

6.  Pay an adoption fee.  Except under unusual circumstances, dogs will have had the following vetting services:
  • Heartworm tested
  • Spayed or neutered
  • Worming.(for hooks, whips, rounds, and tapes)
  • Basic shots (rabies, DA2PP)  
The fee helps us cover the cost of vetting and other expenses, and will usually be far less than the same services would cost through your vet.
Note: For puppies that can't be altered before we place them, there will an additional spay/neuter charge of $50, refundable when you spay or neuter your pup and send proof to New Spirit's Treasurer.
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If you have any questions or comments regarding your application, please email us at [email protected]