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Hugo Pony

Hugo Pony is 10 months old and a blue merle Aussie. He was a very skinny 38 pounds at intake, but he's plumped up a bit since then!

Hugo has big puppy energy. He is curious, playful, and smart. Training comes easy to him, especially since he's highly food-motivated. He benefits greatly from having a routine, especially as he gets used to living inside with people! He is crate-trained and very nearly house-trained after just one week in his foster home. 

Hugo was a country boy, but he's been an eager participant in city life. He'll walk anywhere, he confidently approaches other people, and he LOVES running around in the dog park. He's also developed a habit of peeing in the exact middle of the street (bonus points when he hits the paint in the crosswalk).
Hugo has medium-level prey drive. He will dash after squirrels and pigeons, but he's able to change his focus and keep walking, if that's what you need him to do. He is curious and friendly with men and women. He is not cat-tested. He is also not kid-tested, and since he still does puppy nips, he should be supervised with small children. He is low-velcro and has no separation anxiety. His biggest love is playing with other dogs. He is becoming more cuddly and affectionate every day. 

Hugo Pony is fostered in Manhattan. 

Apply here for him.  NS3828

Bluesy Otis

Bluesy Otis is an 11-month old, blue merle, mini Aussie. He's nearly full-grown at only 18 pounds. Perfect for traveling! Bluesy Otis is sweet, loving, fun, smart and energetic - with a love of snuggling! And he's SO soft! He greets everyone by turning himself into a banana-shape and wiggling all over. Bluesy Otis is tail-free so it's pure wiggle-butt!

Bluesy Otis is a blank-slate for training. He's quick to learn, is food-motivated and has a big desire to please. He's good with other dogs in his foster home especially the females. He's vocal during play and very fast. He loves to play fetch. After a morning play session, he's very happy to curl up in a dog bed under his foster mom's desk. He'd prefer to be with his people and would be OK with kids. He would jump up on them but he's so small and trainable, it should be a temporary reaction. If he could reach the counter, he'd be a counter surfer - another benefit of his small stature. Bluesy Otis knows and reacts well to his name. He shows normal interest in the hens at his foster home. He's not bothered by the vacuum cleaner.

Bluesy Otis is working on training of all kinds including house-training. He has challenged the male dogs in his household when they enter his personal space. Bluesy Otis  would like to be able to talk and one of these days. he's going to succeed. He makes so many unique noises that he communicates extremely well. When he's anxious, he is more vocal than usual. Bluesy Otis is also crate trained although he's (pathetically) vocal if too far away from his people when he can hear them. Bluesy Otis would rather be in his person's lap or snuggled up beside them. When his day-to-day is routine with plenty of fun exercise, he settles very well. He's a little Aussie with all the benefits of full-size!

Bluesy Otis is fostered in Norwich, CT.

Apply here for him.  NS3825
Please check back for updates.