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Ben is a 45 pound neutered male red merle and is nearly five years old. Due to his extreme sensitivity to sounds and movements, he is a very high flight risk who requires a solid ,secure, and locked fenced yard. Ben also finds great security in having a grounded and confident Aussie sibling to draw comfort from both at home and on leashed walks. He can not be let off leash due to his fears and unpredictability.

Ben coexists well with cats and other grounded, friendly dogs. He is high energy and very fast-moving. Ben enjoys being near his person but is wary of others. He has no major health concerns but did have very runny eyes upon intake; they have cleared up completely after several months of indoor living and a good diet. He is now housebroken and reliable. Ben has had a history of fear-nipping. He must be carefully monitored and managed. Although most of his nipping history has been directed toward males, he has nipped one woman. 
Here are some videos of Ben in action:

Video 1

Video 2

​We have not exposed Ben to children due to his reactivity and their unpredictable quick movement and oftentimes shrill voices. When we are on neighborhood leash walks, we avoid any potential hazards by changing direction or sides of the street. He does play with a tennis ball now but will not compete with another dog to gain the ball. Ben walks on a Sporn harness and does well once he gets out the door and has settled into the adventure. He walks well with his foster brother or sister dog, bumping shoulders and checking in constantly. 

Ben does not counter surf. He has a low to medium prey drive. He has good recall in our fenced yard and in the house unless he is spooked. His terror of unexpected sounds and motions makes him very dangerous to himself. He will BOLT from whatever he perceives as dangerous. He will not hear you call him when stressed. 
​He is currently on heart-worm preventive meds. 

Ben must have a very patient, Aussie-savvy home with a dog pal that he can gain comfort and confidence from and who will provide him the dog companionship he enjoys. Ben will be "on hold" until mid to late January while we work further to try to de-escalate his reactiveness.

Ben is fostered in New Hampshire.  NS2915
Please check back for updates.