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Philadelphia Blue Cheese

Philadelphia Blue Cheese is a people pleaser. He wants nothing more than to make his special people happy by being a Very Good Boy! This gorgeous & soft 8 month old blue merle just needs clear and consistent expectations. He's had a bit of rough start with a few homes in his puppyhood. He tried his best with a family that adopted him through New Spirit, but he was too energetic and a bit confused.

Blue is on the high energy end of the Aussie spectrum. Of course, some of that is due to his age. With plenty of play during the day, he settles well and sleeps through the night. Blue loves to sleep on the bed close to his people but will accept being in the crate. His house training is perfect. In his foster home he does very well with dogs and people. Due to his youthful exuberance, Blue would do best with older children. Blue loves to play with his young Aussie friends and expend all of his puppy energy. He respects the older dogs in his foster family.

Blue knows basic commands and is working on not jumping on his people in excitement. HIs recall is excellent for his age. He will put his mouth on hands, but always lightly. He has a bit of Aussie reserve with men which is quickly overcome. He is vocal during play and will alert to visitors. Blue is very interested in the hens at his foster home. He hasn't chased them or run along their fence but he is intrigued by them. Life is just so exciting for Blue! He loves life and would enjoy a home experienced with higher-energy herding dogs with consistent training practices - and friends, lots of dog and human friends!

Blue is fostered in Eastern, CT.

Apply here for him.  NS3614

Zaiden is a sweet 5-6 yr old red merle with a full tail. He had a rough start in life, being found as a stray abandoned in a Kansas backyard. Zaiden is settling in nicely after his long transport from Kansas to Vermont on 10/03/21, and his true self has been revealed. 

 Zaiden is a big hearted people dog looking for a people! It could be an adult person(s) with no, one or more dog(s) in the home. He plays well with his 2yr old male aussie foster brother, although he has exhibited resource guarding to high value treats on one occasion. His recall to his name and loose leash walking is very good. 

He has not been tested with children and prior bio described high prey drive to cats. This behavior has not been observed in critters outside the home. He eats meals and sleeps in his crate otherwise wants to be close to his humans. 
He is anxious in new situations, meeting new people, retreating immediately but with no signs of fear aggression. Foster parents are proceeding slowly introducing him to new situations. His high velcro attachment to his humans is apparent. His Shepherding skills are captured in the pics of supervising household chores and chilling w his human. More to come as Zaiden continues his journey to be ready for his forever home!

Zaiden is fostered in Sunderland, VT.

Apply here for him. NS3485