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Jayden is a male, tri-color, two-year old Aussie mix. He is 40 pounds of wiggly affection. He appears to be medium-energy and medium-velcro, and with a very sweet disposition. Jayden appears to be house-trained, but is otherwise working on basic obedience and other commands. His personality makes training quite simple — he is eager to please and food-motivated.

Jayden appears to be cat-interested but not cat-aggressive. He does not seem to have a prey drive. He has shown interest in other dogs but appears to be quite submissive. He likes watching kids play on the playground, but we have no insight into how he would act around kids in a home. He is fine with both men and women. On a leash, Jayden likes to zig-zag and be underfoot, but he is blessedly not a puller — you can take a relaxed walk with him, just keep your wits about you so you don't trip over him when he ducks behind your feet!

Jayden does a bit of counter surfing and rummaging (he likes to find all the household shoes/gloves/hats and drag them out to his favorite sitting spot). He doesn't know his name and therefore has mediocre recall, but he does want to come to his people when beckoned. He warms up to people immediately and shows no resource-guarding or even a shred of aggression. 

Jayden is being fostered in New York, NY. 

Apply here for him. NS3674
This is Reddi, sister to Gerard. They were surrendered due to possible charges for neglect and the vet estimates age as 18-24 months. She is small at 36 lbs but very skinny and probably should be 40 lbs. She's had a clean up and vetting and is easy to handle. She's very sweet but shy, and hasn't had much experience with a leash but is coming along nicely, and rides well in the car.
Fostered in Brooklyn.  NS3663 
This is Lennox.  He's a year old and emaciated at 24 lbs. He has a touch of demodex mange around his eyes from rotten living conditions but it's not contagious and will clear up fast on the med he is being treated with.  He seems a little too interested in the cats right now, but doesn't seem to want to actively hurt them so foster mom is working on that and housebreaking.  Very sweet guy, now being fostered in Honeoye Falls,NY  NS 3679